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"Easy Tray" introduction:

Open various program combinations, documents, and webpages, simultaneously with one mouse click from your system tray. You can also open any website directly from your system tray. This software places an icon in your system tray (bottom corner of your screen), and from this icon, you can assign a large list of programs you would like to run, and you can open many applications simultaneously with just one click. This is a time saving program which enables you to quickly access any programs or documents, open many applications at one time, open webpages, and even start your screensaver from the system tray icon. You can also open applications with documents already pre-loaded, enable or disable your screensaver, and enable or disable your screensaver password, all from the system tray.

Version 3.1 improves user interfaces and opens multiple Web sites at once.

CNet Review:

This handy, effective program manages access to programs, documents, and Web pages, making them quickly available with one click. Easy Tray's simple text interface docks itself on the system tray. This utility is a timesaver for users who often open a suite of programs or Web sites. With a simple click, users launch multiple applications, open numerous Web pages, or even activate screensavers. In most cases creating an Easy Tray group is as easy as drag and drop. Easy Tray groups any combination of executable files, documents, or Web pages. From then on one-click quickly opens the group. The demoware does suffer from a stingy 40-use trial. All levels of users will find setting up and using this program intuitive and simple. Power users and those who consistently open the same group of applications will surely love this utility.

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