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  "Dream Girl (Drawing Hand Creations)" introduction:

Watch as the artist's hand draws a dream girl right before your eyes. It can also draw cars, fine art, animals, famous people, holiday themes, and more.

CNet Review:

Rather than display a slideshow of busty beauties, the screensaver lets you see the process of drawing a dream girl. Dream Girl (Drawing Hand Creations) doesn ??t provide many settings. You can hide the drawing hand. It is also possible to speed up or slow down the drawing process. You can disable mouse movements from interrupting drawing (useful feature since the action starts from the very beginning every time you run the screensaver). Unfortunately, the screensaver offers no soundtrack. The screensaver may be interesting to art lovers.

"this is a SCREENSAVER, NOT a drawing program!"

I think this program was placed in the wrong category -I was not looking for a screensaver, and nothing in the description alerted me to the true nature of the program. I admit that I did not fully install it -as soon as I realized it was a screensaver I dumped it in my trash bin- so it may be a great program if that's what you're looking for.

Make sure you know what this is before you download it.

"No longer supported"

Summary: You can't even use this product, because it tries to connect to their "help.psp" page, which is disabled... waste of download space.


"it is an ex cellent ,fantastic"

"Strange re-drawing of some photos."

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