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  "DominoArt" introduction:

DominoArt is a domino-effect design tool you can use to create screensavers. You can also use the application to design towers, bridges, tunnels, pyramids, and multi-level crossings. When your work is complete, you can submit it to the DominoArt Web site.

CNet Review:

We like this program's innovative concept, but it needs some improvement before it's ready for prime time. DominoArt lets you construct a falling-domino maze from the ground up. You can build towers and structures, add stairs and ramps, then configure the dominoes to fall in true Rube Goldberg fashion. However, navigating the applications's interface is a rather confusing process, as it's not easy to toggle between creating buildings and adding dominoes. Some help files might have made the process more painless, but the developer neglected to include them. However, you can view a few sample domino courses to get a feel for the program. The graphics are rather primitive, and the dominoes are too small to see well, even when you resize the program to full-screen mode. The trial version may also hinder your fun, as you can only make a two-color course and can't fully animate your creation. Domino Art is on a compelling path, but we'd like the developer to iron out some kinks before we can lend it our full support.

""Some features disabled"? Try all."

This is a very stable program, very easy to use and learn. Once you get the hand of it, you can do virtually anything.

The limitations are too many to list. It doesn't save designs, there's a time limit on the emulation of the falling dominos, and more.

Unless you have a very simple, 10-15 second design that you want to just see (since it doesn't save the designs), don't bother with this.

"nothing special"

Summary: i cant recomend this game. it seemed 2 run very slow and its hard just to setup a single line of dominoes if u love dominoes then yea go for it and try but if u dont dont download

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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