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  "Dogs Photo Screensaver" introduction:

Enjoy the variety of dog species presented in this screensaver. While your computer is idle, five full-size pictures appear on your screen, showing you how sweet they are, especially when they're still puppies.

CNet Review:

This screensaver provides pictures of adorable puppies, but the demo's meager selection of images is far from ideal. Since this application lacks captions, we can't tell you the exact breed of dog we were looking at, but we can say image quality is fine in all cases. Still, we would appreciate some theme music or the ability to use our own tunes. You can select the delay between images and the transition speed, but you can't actually choose from a library of effects yourself. Dogs Photo Screensaver also allows you to resize the pictures and can employ a random-selection method. Our biggest issue with this screensaver concerns the five-image trial, which seems a bit stingy; we'd prefer the ability to see all the shots for a select number of days or weeks. However, if you can live with its limitations and have a soft spot for puppies, you might as well give this program a shot.

"This Screensaver is Gorgeous, it has Beautiful Pictures of Beautiful Dogs."

This Screensaver has all different pictures of all different kinds of Dogs, which they are very Cute!

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