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  "Dodge Viper by Drawing Hand" introduction:

Watch as an artist's hand draws the awesome Dodge Viper. If you're a fan of the Dodge Viper and appreciate art or like to paint or draw you'll love this screensaver. Not only can it draw a Viper, it also can draw people (Einstein, Elvis, or Marilyn), animals (a lion, a gorilla, tigers, or a koala), and holiday art (Christmas, Halloween, or the Fourth of July). You see each drawing from start to finish as if you were looking over the artist's shoulder.

CNet Review:

If you have a need for speed but are stuck in a cubicle, this is the screensaver for you. A magic hand zips across the gray canvas, sketching the slick, bright-red brand of sports car found in this program's name. The speedy installation lets you preview the screensaver and configure a handful of settings. You can adjust the drawing speed and the screen size. The registered version lets you toggle the drawing hand and download additional drawings. There's no music, but that's not a critical problem for this type of screensaver, in which the real pleasure is watching the picture emerge stroke by stroke. Inveterate doodlers will enjoy watching the picture take shape, and sports car fans will get a kick out of it as well.

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