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  "Distant Suns Screen Saver" introduction:

Distant Suns is one of the premier desktop astronomy packages of all time. For both casual skywatchers to seasoned amateur astronomers, Distant Suns will take you from your home to the outer reaches of the Universe and back.

"Good slideshow"

Very nice slideshow screen saver, with extremely pleasant tunes to support the show. It is obviously dedicated to the famous astronomy program called Distant Suns as all the pictures from the slideshow comes from this program. Not a bad thing though.

In the beginning, i downloaded this screen saver because i thought it was a real space screen saver but it is actually no more than a slideshow, working as a screen saver.

If you look at it just this way, it does its job to perfection but if you wish for a screen saver with stunning 3D effects...look somewhere else.

If you can settle for nice smooth music and stunning images, then you should just get it.


Screensaver itself good but....................

FULL OF SPYWARE - I downloaded it, then found all sorts of progs trying to access my pc - ran Ad-Aware, and found 147 critical items!!!

"It does what it claims to do"

Nice visualiations of planets and their moons

If you break the screen-saver with the right-arrow button it opens the browser in their home page: Annoying.

"Just a bunch of application screenshots"

Summary: Was hoping for a collection of celestial images, instead you get a bunch of screenshots from their application including the window control buttons. Bleah.

"Get this! Wonderful and Free!"

Summary: By far this is my all time favorite saver. Easy installation, a never-ending display of image after image of far away worlds. There are no two images alike, it generates new scenes forever-I have never seen two alike and I have been useing it since ...

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