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  "Desktop Randomizer" introduction:

Desktop Randomizer is a wallpaper and screensaver changer program that automatic randomize Windows wallpapers and screen savers in a specified period of time or at Windows startup. Whether you have a growing archive of images on your hard disk from your digital camera or an archive of images downloaded from Internet, Desktop Randomizer is a tool for you to enjoy your images while you are working and to make the Windows desktop nice-looking and permanently randomize within your collection. Desktop Randomizer is easy to use, after installation simply selects screen savers to randomize and add images to the wallpaper list; it can be whole folders or single files. All settings can be setup within the program as well as each wallpaper can have their own display settings like, tile, stretch & center.

Version 2.0 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

CNet Review:

This desktop-enhancement tool changes both your wallpaper and screensavers randomly or at start-up with little hassle. Desktop Randomizer has a well-designed, skinnable interface. As with similar applications, you can browse your PC to upload an image file to add to your wallpaper collection. Unlike some in this class, you can upload a nice variety of image formats (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, or TGA). For your screensavers, you can only select from Windows' options, however. You can set the time intervals for changes or randomizing at start-up and selecting the wallpaper's position (center, tile, or stretch), although we had trouble changing the position from the default stretch. Though this program also detects your available screensavers and allows you to use them randomly, clicking the system-tray icon immediately forces the application to replace the current wallpaper. If you're looking to have fun with your wallpaper collections, we suggest you give this utility, which comes with a 21-day trial, a shot.

"Does Not Change Screensavers"

Pros: It handles wallpapers nicely. But, there are plenty of FREE wallpaper handlers. I was looking for a program to randomize my screensavers.

Cons: It simply did not work. There were not a lot of settings. I checked, and double-checked. I had it configured to switch screensavers every six minutes. After five or six tries of it not working, I re-checked my settings, read through the help manual. Everything was set. It just did not plain work.

Now here is what -really- peeved me. Within its program menu on the start menu, there was no uninstall option. OK. Annoying. I go to ADD/REMOVE on Control Panel. It was NOT listed. I went up and down the list carefully because I had never experienced a program not listing there. It really wasn't there. I had to go to the program's file folder (under C:/Program Files) and use the uninstall icon that was present in its folder. I'm lucky because I knew what to try next after it was not on the add/remove applet under control panel. But how many casual or new users would?

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