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  "Dcat Screensaver" introduction:

Dcat Screen Saver is a screen saver which allows you to use your own images and audio. Version 1.41 supports MP3 files and Wave audio files. You can create a list of your own transitions from the 81 available transitional effects. Images and the Transition effects can be shown in alphabetical order, list order, your own list order and your own list randomly or with no transitions at all. The screen saver can be set to cover the full desktop or run in a window. The Screen Saver has the ability to shut down/restart the computer or log off the current user. The screen saver can be sent to the Traybar when not required. The last image displayed can be set as the wallpaper.

"Doesn't work for XP !!!!!"

Summary: I have used this program before on Windows ME and was happy with it. But now since I upgraded to XP it doesn't work anymore.

"Does not work on XP"

Summary: I should of listened. I installed it and it shows up but i can not click on settings to load some pics. Go download Picture and Sound Show 3.1 FREE on download.com



"Didn't work!!!!"

Summary: I have 2000 Prof. and it didn't work, it made the computer freeze.


Summary: Had to put images in window's "system folder" to get them selected.

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