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"DREAMScope GL" introduction:

DREAMScope GL is an interactive screensaver that generates an infinite variety of continuously evolving, multidimensional kaleidoscopes. Breathtaking color, texture, and dimension generate kaleidoscopic illusions suggesting the vast cosmic expansion of glowing phosphorescent nebulas, the blossoming explosion of impossible flowers, or even the fantastic fluid dance of digital manta rays. Short of taking a deep breath and curling up by the fire, your screen will never seem as alive as when it's running DREAMScope GL.

"OH...M' GAWD! WUD....A... RUSH!"

Summary: 'Breathtaking', 'Awesome',...don't even come close! This has GOT to be the Holy Grail of mind blowing graphics. The developers REALLY take the prize for this baby. I'm ditching all my old kalediscope screensavers. This one puts the rest to shame....


Summary: is good

"Really Excellent"

Summary: I've been looking for a kaleidoscope for years!!!!!

"THE best one I've found....!"

Summary: Hands down the best "digital" kaleidoscope in the world. A lotta wannabes out there, but this is the real thing.

"The Dreamscope is a very pleasant screensaver."

Summary: I have had the Dreamscope on my computer for quite some time. It has beautiful drawings. How they do it I'll never guess. I recommend it highly.

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