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  "Crystal Wallpaper" introduction:

"Crystal Wallpaper is a shareware that provides a totally new way to enjoy beautiful pictures besides common desktop wallpapers and screensavers. No need to pause any applications, Crystal Wallpaper enables you to enjoy your favorite pictures on the screen anytime you like by showing each picture transparently as a background or slide showing the pictures on the screen like a flowing stained glass window. With a clear and friendly user interface, Crystal Wallpaper is very easy to use. With only a few clicks to add your favorite images into the wallpaper list, you can enjoy the transparent picture as a background or the slide show of pictures on the screen anytime you like. You can customize the size, position, sequence, opacity and intervals of display all at your will. The wallpapers would be beautiful and transparent, like a crystal touching your heart."

CNet Review:

It's probably not the height of efficiency, but Crystal Wallpaper is certainly original. The utility is a desktop image manager, helping to switch background pictures manually or automatically. However, it also gives users the curious ability to display those images on top of all other active windows, in a translucent layer, instead of behind them. Users can increase or decrease the layer's opacity, change images, or disable the utility all by using keyboard shortcuts, but the program does takes a fairly hefty bite out of system memory while running.

If you're intrigued by the idea of seeing a picture of your dog or child superimposed on your Excel spreadsheet, then this download may well give you a kick.

"Does what it says, flawlessly"

This program is very simple to use, and the results are marvelous. Any picture the user chooses will be displayed on the screen transparently, and will remain there as the user surfs the web or does anything else. The program is a way to decorate one's desktop and to make using one's computer more enjoyable.

During installation, before one has seen the options dialogue box, one is prompted to assign keys such as CTRL and ALT to specific functions. Doing this might actually prove to be an inconvenience, since other programs could be controlled with these keys. I chose not to assign functions to any keys, and found that it is quite easy to use the program's functions in the usual way.

"Interesting, but stupid"

It does do what it says it does.

Sometimes the superimposings (or whatever they are) interfere with what you're reading or writing in the current window.

"Fantastic! The ONLY application I've found like it. Worth paying for."

Does exactly as advertised. Gives an excellent visual treat of whatever images you load, while you're using your screen for other apps! You can size and or position the images in many formats of your choosing and is none obtrusive and none distracting. Neat little screen toy!

Nothing not to like. Could give options of file name/location/pause, but maybe they'll be added in future versions.

"I donīt like it..."

I donīt like it...

I canīt to work with my desktop...

Summary: The visual treat interfere with what you're reading or writing in the current window

"Horrible ..."

Summary: Truly horrible. Nice idea, poor application.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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