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Enhance your Internet experience and your computer's desktop environment with the easy-to-use, feature-packed, free Crawler Toolbar. Stay informed with news feeds from your favorite sources such as CNN or Yahoo. Get up-to-the-minute weather updates for forecasts, storms and traffic news. Crawler gives you a whopping 5GB of free Web mail space that includes data storage and notes. Receive 100 percent spam-free e-mails by using the Challenge Response filter. Enjoy amazing screensavers, wallpapers, browser skins, cursors and dozens of games. Easily installed, the free Crawler Toolbar will give you all this plus e-mail notification and security improvements.

Version 5.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

This product is a TRUSTe Trusted Download.
The TRUSTe Trusted Download Program publishes a "whitelist" of certified applications. To be placed on the whitelist, downloadable software applications must demonstrate a commitment to protecting consumer privacy, security, and end-user control. CNET Networks is an official sponsor of the Trusted Download Program.

CNet Review:

With everything this free toolbar promises, the limited features it actually offers are big disappointment.

Crawler Toolbar has a pretty standard interface that includes just a handful of buttons. It has a basic search field, a keyword highlighter, some links to external sites and a number of links to add to the toolbar. It's not all that impressive. If you want to customize the toolbar, your options are to add a couple of trace cleaning tools and more links to external sites. That is if you just want what actually comes with the toolbar. Many of the features promised in Crawler Toolbar are actually items you have to install separately. These include some fairly standard fare such as a weather forecast display and RSS feeds. The extra step of installing what are referenced as services seems misleading when the publisher implies they are primary components of the toolbar.

What minimal features come with Crawler Toolbar work, but if you want everything this freeware promises on the front end, you'll have to install 11 other components.



Contains an ADWARE.Detected by avast! home edition

"No Spyware Protection"

"no function, toolbar crashed repeatedly"

Notification of good websites vs known threats etc.

Crashed consistently on windows vista, never seemed to block anything.

Summary: Ack!


I don't even know how it got installed but it did and threw my spy ware detector in circles. Finally i figured out it was this crawler crap driving my computer crazy and slowing my internet to hell and i uninstalled it. now i get dll errors every time i boot up.

read above

"Adware/Spyware warnings"

Didn't have a chance to try it out.

I read the reviews on previous editions of this toolbar.Seems that there was a difference of opinion as to whether or not it contained Adware/Spyware. I started to download this edition but before I finished I got security warnings of Adware/Spyware. I don't know why the discrepency between "no it doesn't" and "yes it does" exists. But I'm not taking the chance and I am going by my security warnings. I wish we could get this discrepency settled as I would like to use the toolbar.

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