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  "Cozi Central" introduction:

Cozi Central is a free software service that helps busy families easily plan, schedule, and manage all the things they need to do. Cozi Central includes a color-coded family calendar, remotely accessible shopping list management tool, messaging tools, and an engaging screensaver that displays your digital family photos.

"Not quite what I expected"

Nice-looking and easy to use

You have to sign up online to access it. You can't view the monthly calendar with your appointments on it, the appointments are not directly on the calendar.

"A happy product for busy families"

Cozi's UI is bright and clean, overall "happy looking". The product itself is easy to use. We especially like the Send to Phone feature; it's ideal for families on the run. It may take us a while to get into the routine of using an electronic shopping list, but Cozi gives us good incentive: When I just happen to be at the store (sans paper list, of course), I can call Cozi and get the shopping list sent to my cell as a text message. That's a beautiful thing. Another great feature: The photo collage screensaver. If you're a family that has loads of digital photos stored on your PC, the screensaver will soon have you all clustered in front of the monitor looking at photos you didn't even know you had. Nothing like returning from walking the dog in a cold Northwest rain and being greeted by long-forgotten photos of your family trip to Hawaii! Finally, the calendar features are pretty cool - slightly different than what we're used to, but easily integrated into our lives. Again, easy to use - we added our grandmother to the family account, and she actually checks the kids' schedules from her senior living complex!

Calendar is not integrated with Outlook (although the support personnel tell me it's planned for future versions)

"Perfect for the family"

My spouse and I use Cozi Central exclusively to coordinate our busy family calendar, track shopping lists, and pass messages. We've replaced our old paper calendar with an old kitchen PC that's just for running Cozi Central, and it works great.

"Free, easy to use family software."

-Screen saver shows all the best photos of my family.

"Fantastic Program!"

My family has been using Cozi for nearly 2 months and are thrilled with it. With four kids, one with a full-time boyfriend, we have 7 people who use it constantly. The oldest are in college, living at home. Next is a high school senior, a junior, and an active 9-year-old. Dad is a pastor - mom is a software engineer - life is crazy all the time.

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