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  "CountDown" introduction:

CountDown has 4 different individual timers that counts the time down for your specified task, then displays a message and sounds an alarm (WAV file). Included is a CountDown timer (can also run like a stop-watch), a CountUp timer (can also run like a stop-watch), Date CountDown which counts down up to 10 different dates and a Full Screen CountDown, which runs like a screensaver for timing classroom or sporting events. Also included are many background skins and an "Always On Top" feature. New features include running multiple timers at the same time and individual notepads for each timer.

"way 2 cool"

This countdown clock is so cool and easy to use. The default alarm is a siren followed by woman's voice that says "Time is up !! "

"Handy Little Program"

Cute and handy. Didn't need the Countup timer but the others are indispensible.

"Absolute GARBAGE!"

"Need it"

"Can't live without it!"

One of the most useful tools for a computer. This is the first shareware program I've ever bought. Can't get by without it. Use it to time everything. Very handy.

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