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  "Concorde Screensaver Delux" introduction:

A 3D graphics screensaver of the Concorde airplane, which was the only supersonic airliner and retired in October 2003. In the screensaver, the airplanes fly according to a simplified aerodynamics simulation rather than following a geometrically pre-defined path. The screensaver shows not only Concorde, but also a formation with Red Arrows, Spitfires, Hurricane, and Lancaster bomber. This package includes OpenGL version, Direct3D version, and flat-shaded version (called Non-OpenGL version,) and you can choose the best performance and quality according to your PC's graphics performance.

"Dated graphics but nice"

If you like the Concorde, then you'll probably like this screensaver. It's like a flight simulator view of this majestic aircraft flying about. There are a few scenarios to choose from and the software is free and no nag screens or adware. Made for computers of a few years ago, so on today's machines, it's very smooth at the richest settings.

Installation was flawed. (installer puts the .SCR files in C:\windows\system32 and not C:\Windows) You'll wanna move them for Windows XP. There are some minor graphic bugs.

"the review talks aboutthat the airliner retierd in october 2003"

i like it becouse you get to use the plane


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