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"Coastal Waterfall Screensaver" introduction:

White water flows over a rocky hillside to the ocean as lively fish jump and swim in still waters at the base of a waterfall. A blue-gray sky hosts slow-moving clouds, and seagulls circle high above crashing ocean waves. This screensaver contains real seagull sounds and animated images. Want a soothing nighttime scene? Just set the time of day to nighttime and a dark shadowy blue hue is cast on butterflies, plants, rocks, water and flowers. Prefer a dusky sunset scene? The sunset setting produces a deep reddish hue. Demo contains full set of features. Have fun customizing this screen saver to your preferences. In addition to tint, brightness, time of day settings, sound mute and volume control you can play your own MP3 music.

Version 2.2 features improvements to graphics and settings panel.

CNet Review:

If you don't mind the lack of customization options and fuzzy graphics, this screensaver makes a decent choice. As you might guess from its name, Coastal Waterfall Screensaver mainly consists of a waterfall, though you'll also see some small seagulls flying about. We found the graphics fuzzy, with many noticeable spots that looked like a very low-resolution photo. We found it curious that, although you can hear the seagulls chirping and crying, you don't hear the water crashing over the falls. In terms of features, you won't find any other than the ability to deactivate the sound. Also, though this screensaver doesn't bundle adware as many competitors do, the trial period is a paltry five days. Nature lovers who don't care about the ability to tweak a screensaver's settings might enjoy this one.

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