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  "Cleavage 3D Interactive Screensaver" introduction:

Mix babes, bikinis and blades and you've got Cleavage. Challenge your friends to a sword fight in game mode, or for those who like to watch, sit back and watch the babes battle it out in amazing 3D graphics as a screensaver. You can also have it play your MP3s.


"Great idea, bad execution..."

Summary: Pretty neat idea, chicks who kill, but the graphics are not the best and the fighting isn't really all that exciting. The AI could use some beefing up, and don't even bother with the acctual game play. Plus it has an annoying splash screen that come...


Summary: Awesome graphics, great to watch, love it!
And the game mode is a nice distraction from work!

"Not worth downloading"

Nothing, but gave it the benefit of the doubt and decided to download it and try it

Terrible graphics unless you're living in a Windows 95 era and still like games like this. After seeing the poor graphics I didn't even look at the screensaver.

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