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  "Christmas on Snowman Island" introduction:

From our Snowman Island series comes Christmas on Snowman Island. This screensaver includes a wonderful snowy oasis where animated snowmen frolic and dance. You'll see all kinds of animated characters that inhabit this island. If you wait long enough, you might just see Santa Claus himself. This program includes a version of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing in the background.

CNet Review:

Although it won't give you an extensive array of customization options, this screensaver likely will get even the biggest grinch in the Christmas spirit. After launching Christmas on Snowman Island, you'll find yourself transported to a snowy landscape at dusk, where snowman dance about and place presents under the trees. Other characters--including Santa Claus and a bunny--aren't perfect, but the animations and graphics look good enough. The holiday carol that plays in the background sounds professionally recorded, although you do have to option to turn it off if you don't care for it. Unfortunately, that's the only feature Christmas on Snowman Island provides. In spite of that minus, we still think anyone looking for a cheerful, seasonal screensaver for the whole family would do well to download this application.

"Finally realistic looking images"

Summary: I was very happy with the quality of images and the background music. So many screensavers looked like they are rushed this looks likes someone took some time.

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