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  "Christmas at the North Pole" introduction:

Watch four scenes of life at the North Pole. You will see Santa, elves, and reindeer flying in the first scene, as well as elves trying to pack Christmas presents while Santa looks on. You'll see Santa Claus and his team of reindeer fly off into the sky, and then Santa Claus wishes you a merry Christmas.

CNet Review:

Santa and his elves scramble to get things ready for Christmas at the North Pole in this screensaver. Well, at least most of the elves scramble--one is ice-skating, another dances in the snow, and one giant fellow appears to be stuck on the roof. Meanwhile, the reindeer aren't helping, running and flying around in the yard until someone finally manages to hitch them to the sleigh. All the while, someone who might be Burl Ives sings "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town". The registered version of the Christmas at the North Pole screensaver probably syncs up perfectly with the song, but the demo version has a 25-second nag screen at the beginning of every round that throws it off. The screensaver itself bears only an unobtrusive "Register" link. The animation isn't the best, with clipping and jaggies and an underwater feel to the movements. Still, the reindeer are cute, and the song alone might be worth the price of registering.

"Well thougt out screensaver"

Summary: So many screensavers are just one screen with things moving around. This screensaver tells the story of Santa's big night with a few different scenes. Worth it!

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