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"Christmas Adeventure Screensaver" introduction:

Everybody knows that elves and other magic creatures can only be found in fairy tales. But not all of us know that new Christmas Adventure screensaver can make those fairy tales come into reality! Now you are given an ultimate chance to watch Santa Claus, elves and lots of funny animals making arrangements for Christmas. Hurry up! The North Pole Express leaves right from your computer screen welcoming you to take part in merry Christmas haste.


"Not as good as i thought it would be"

The backgrounds are quite nice, it's got music, along with selectable scenes.

This seems to cheaply made to me. To put it simply, the screensaver is a picture of a christmassy scene (I.e a snowy cottage) with a few gifs of things like santa playing a saxaphone or a squirrel. It says magical creatures in the description, but when did a chicken become magical? There's one on the screensaver.

Also, during the installation process, it'll recommend installing their toolbar. Don't. It's almost certainly spyware.

"i havent seen it yet"

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