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  "Chickenhead Screen Savior" introduction:

Festoon your computer with this blessedly gastronomic screensaver recreation of Leonardo da Vinci's seminal fresco, "The Last Supper," subtly re-imagined to incorporate contemporary cuisine favored by today's youthful believers. It's a delightful (and mouth-watering) "screensavior" unlike any other.


Summary: This is how the last supper really happened. WARNING!! If you don't want to know, don't download this. This is history, my friend.


Summary: People need to lighten up here!

"Totally Pooooooor"

Summary: What a cluck. :-(
Take your chicken head and stuff it! What a bad egg! Rotten eggs to the designer....of this program.
This chicken program would be better as a pot pie. Just forget it!

"this sux!!!!!!!"

Summary: don't download this, it just plain sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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