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  "Chicago - Dusk to Dark Screensaver" introduction:

Enjoy this entertaining screensaver of Chicago, the Windy City, complete with twenty full-screen 800x600 photographs and several jazzy background tunes. Feast your eyes on the tall skyscrapers, the scurrying populace, and the majestic river. The application has all of this, plus the Stars and Stripes waving in the background. Configuration options include stretch images, random-image position, enable/disable transition effects, and the ability to use your own tunes. Now you are able to configure which images should be displayed.

CNet Review:

This screensaver delivers pictures of the Windy City to your desktop, but the experience is mediocre at best. True to its name, the program displays pictures of downtown Chicago in the evening. However, most of the images are of a rather poor quality; they appear to lack definition and don't have good lighting. Strangely, Chicago - Dusk to Dark Screensaver lacks pictures of the city's most well-known landmarks, instead showing shots of anonymous buildings and street scenes. And with only 10 pictures in the demo, this program gets old fast. We also found the included MIDI soundtrack cheesy and annoying, so we were glad to find an option for turning it off. On the bright side, the app does boast a nice feature set, letting you set the image interval, choose from a large library of transitions, and determine which shots appear in the rotation. Still, we didn't appreciate that the program placed a few shortcuts on our desktop without asking our permission. Adware-free screensavers are always welcome, but this one still needs some work before we can give it our seal of approval.

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