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  "Chess Ballet Screensaver" introduction:

Watch 3D chess pieces as they slide, fly, bounce, and walk beyond the chessboard. This Windows screensaver features high-quality graphics, sounds, and original drawings. You need not be a chess player to be entertained by Chess Ballet.

CNet Review:

A simple little program that features chess pieces flying slowly by on the computer display, this download isn't quite up to the standards of most commercial screensavers. The software itself offers a reasonable number of options, allowing users to set sound volume, change the number of "dancing" pieces, and the duration of each scene. Different scenes can be displayed at will. However, the overall impression remains that of a creative student project. It would make a fine piece of freeware, but it's considerably outclassed in the competitive market for commercial screensavers.

"Not that good"

Summary: Not good graphics!

"heavily overpriced."

"Why is this an Editor Pick?"

Summary: If I wanted to see a bunch of images floating around on screen I would rather download some landscapes, or some nice looking models.

"Although I love chess, I hate this pathethic Screensaver"

Summary: I was expecting more... I'm sorry

"junk chess ballet"

Summary: i have seen chess ballet before but what is being offered is bad

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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