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  "Characters Of Middle Earth Screensaver: Gollum" introduction:

View images of your favorite characters from Middle Earth in this screensaver from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

CNet Review:

This promotional screensaver for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will likely please die-hard fans, but we still must gripe about a few things. Basically, the program scrolls a series of images from the film across your screen, all featuring the notorious character known as Gollum. Since the shots are culled directly from the movie footage, we can't complain about image quality, but the lack of theme music seems like a particularly egregious oversight. To make matters worse, Characters Of Middle Earth Screensaver: Gollum completely lacks user-customization options, so you'll have to settle for this program as is. But if you're collecting every Lord of the Rings-themed screensaver you can find, you might as well add this freebie to the pile.

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