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  "Celestial Dreams" introduction:

This Celestial Theme features a Sun and Moon overlayed over a real photo of the moon and stars shining in background. Features extra icons, animated cursers,webviews, startup logos and MPEG Layer3 sounds. Included in download is my Celestial Dreams screensaver.


nice theme

the sounds are annoying, the colors are annoying, and if your anywhere near your pc its annoying

"I love it! I've NEVER had a problem with my system with this desktop theme."

The colors and detail are fabulous! I haven't changed it in a year and I'd be hard pressed to, unless something else as beautiful came along.


It's very pretty

"not a bad theme"

Summary: its fairly beautifull, the sounds are rather annoying though, the screen saver that came packaged is ok at the most and only a 7 day trial, I wouldn't bother with the screen saver, but all in all its a good theme...


Summary: Pretty Boring...

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