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  "Cats Screen Saver" introduction:

Download the Cats Screen Saver and watch your monitor transform itself. Cats features highly detailed images of playful kittens, along with music and sound effects.

CNet Review:

The screensaver features touching images of cats. However, the picture quality leaves much to be desired: the resolution is very low. The MIDI soundtrack is beautiful but we ??d prefer other sound formats. Cats Screen Saver doesn ??t offer many setting to configure. You can change the delay between images, their size, and order, as well as turn off the sound. The trial version is very crippled with its 3 images available. Considering the low image quality, we don ??t recommend downloading the screeensaver.

"Save Your Money"

Summary: CMB products are defective. They offer NO support and NO refunds.

Save your money.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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