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"Catfood Desktate" introduction:

Catfood Desktate is an eye catching earth simulator that combines satellite imagery, near real time cloud data and optional layers including time zones, political borders and place names. The terminator between day and night is continuously calculated; you can see sunrise and sunset around the world and observe the changing seasons throughout the year. The continuously updated result can be set as your desktop wallpaper or used as a screensaver. Version 2.22 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

CNet Review:

This oddly named wallpaper program adds a view of planet Earth to your desktop, but its appearance is strictly average. The program offers four world maps to choose from, but they're all pretty dark and heavily shaded, making it hard to see everything clearly. You can further customize the program by telling it to display time zones, borders, and cities in the color of your choice. You also can configure Catfood Desktate to always display a particular portion of the globe or show the whole thing. Although the publisher claims the map will rotate, we couldn't figure out how to enable this feature in wallpaper or screensaver mode. We think a program this simple really should be free, but the trial period expires after a short seven days. Finally, in a minor but irritating glitch, if you try to change settings through the Display control panel (which you can't, by the way--you need to use an included utility), the program displays an error message and sets your desktop wallpaper to the Desktate planet-Earth view, no matter what wallpaper you were just using. Geography buffs might take Catfood Desktate for a quick run, but most people can safely skip it.

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