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  "California Amateur Bikini Babes Screensaver" introduction:

California Amateur Bikini Babes gives you a pleasant screensaver experience with 10 amateur bikini babes shown in more than 1,500 images. Each girl has a main background image, 8 to 10 smaller images floating with transparency, and 150 images working in sequence giving the viewer a video-like effect.

CNet Review:

Although we're always happy to find a screensaver that doesn't burden your PC with adware, California Amateur Bikini Babes Screensaver nonetheless falls flat. The 12MB download file made us expect high-quality images and at least a few features, but this was not the case. True to its name, the screensaver features images of a number of scantily clad women. The main picture engulfs your entire screen, while several transparent, floating images show the models from different angles. Unfortunately, we found the image quality to be blurry, fuzzy, and inferior in every way. The feature set is also a disappointment. The program gives you a button for muting sound, but even when we left it unchecked, we couldn't detect any audio coming out of our PC speakers. Because of all the aforementioned problems, we'd guess most folks would want to seek out a more professional option.

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