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  "Butterfly Waterfall" introduction:

The Butterfly Waterfall screensaver by NatureScreenSaver.com features an animated waterfall and butterflies in a tranquil spring-time setting. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the sounds of songbirds, frogs, and the waterfall while wind chimes play gently in the distance. Registered users will receive an activation number that fully enables the screensaver. Entering this number will activate an additional five types of butterflies and the ability to mute the sounds through settings.

CNet Review:

This nature-themed screensaver's nonexistent feature set and quirky installation resign it to strictly middle-of-the-road status. After installation, Butterfly Waterfall opens a folder that contains an icon for configuring settings, which baffled us for several reasons. First of all, the icon is basically a waste of space since it merely accesses the screensaver control panel found in your Windows Display option. More importantly, there are no settings to actually alter in the demo, and even if you buy the full version, you'll only gain the ability to mute sound and choose from more types of butterflies. The background image of the waterfall is nice enough, but the close-range scenery appears blurry and pixilated. Also, we found the multitude of fluttering butterflies more of a distraction than a nicety. Butterfly Waterfall's lack of adware is encouraging, but that ultimately can't rescue this screensaver from mediocrity.

"Excellent Screen Saver"

Summary: Uses less of your hard disk space than some of the others. Good value. If you like water falls and butterflys, you'll love this.

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