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  "Butterflies Screensaver volume 2" introduction:

And once again butterflies, and once again colorful world of small nature. This screen saver shows images of beautiful butterflies and plump moths. Fantastic mini a world on your screen. The screen saver contains 40 pictures and play a popular music. Music background is the popular tune If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez. Saver is set to automatically fit them to your own.

CNet Review:

After a long day in front of a computer screen, the vibrant color and grace of butterflies can provide a welcome visual break. This screensaver provides 40 images of the colorful insects, although the image quality is not always outstanding. Users can set how often the photos are changed, switch their order, and choose between transition effects. Pictures be displayed in black and white, or can be used as wallpaper on the computer's desktop and automatically shifted every hour. A Jennifer Lopez song provides background music, but we would like to see the further addition of captions providing information about each photo. The trial version displays just a third of the images. For computer users looking to add color to their day, this download may well be worth a look.

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