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  "Butterflies3D" introduction:

Enjoy the serenity of realistic, 3D-animated waterfalls in three beautiful settings while you witness Mother Nature in all her glory. See hummingbirds and a dragonfly buzz around while a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies flutter and land on a beautiful landscape. Pick which butterflies will inhabit your scene from 20 colorful species, and choose Yosemite Falls, L.A.'s Arboretum, or the rain forest as your setting.

CNet Review:

Immersing you in the relaxing ambience of a creature-filled forest, Butterflies3D is a pleasant escape. We liked the ground-level perspective--it's as if you're lying down in an autumn lane at the foot of mountains, listening to the insects buzzing and birds twittering. Choose among three landscapes as well as from a variety of butterflies and hummingbirds to send flitting among falling leaves. The visual effects, such as fog and clouds, can be switched off for slower systems. However, Butterflies3D worked well even with Rage Fury Pro. The trial version displays a huge nag inscription and has a five-second delay on exit, but we'd still recommend it for lovers of woodland and critters.

"relaxing , and peaceful"

"Very relaxing and looks great"

Love the waterfalls!!

"Quite good"

the movements

the colores

"pictures of butterflies"

Summary: it is good picture of butterflies
which kids would love to watch


Summary: Very well done, 5 stars from me too!

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