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  "Bull-Running Underwater" introduction:

Bull-Running Underwater is an amusing screensaver from the Kukuxumusu Drawing Factory that reproduces the Sanfermin bull runs--but under water. Be on your guard, since they are no less dangerous than the authentic ones from Pamplona.

CNet Review:

We rarely see totally free screensavers with no strings attached, but that's not the only reason we like Bull-Running Underwater. This humorous program takes the famous Spanish tradition of the running of the bulls and puts it in an undersea world. The kooky, colorful cartoon graphics help convey the lighthearted atmosphere, as swimming men float by with the bulls in hot pursuit. Although the application ostensibly lets you mute the soundtrack, we didn't hear any sound even when we left the box unchecked. Besides this bug, our main complaint with Bull-Running Underwater is its virtually nonexistent feature set; it would be nice if you could tweak the animation speed or remove certain characters from the mix. Still, this freebie will likely satisfy anyone who appreciates a good, quick laugh.

"Funny thing"

Its really funny. Watching those blue and undewater cows swimming right behind some naked men is really crazy.

But I do prefer Johnny Castaway and Don't Touch My Computer.The first one reminds me Brazil's president, Lula.Poor president, alone in some island lost in the middle of the ocean, far away from his people!!!The second one is really funny.And it does protect you computer from intruders!Greetings from Brasilia everybody!!!!!!!!

"A very nice software."

This screensaver is very funny. I'm going to keep this for a while.

Suddenly when I checked the screensaver properties it had two of these.

"not for work or school use"

well it worked

did not care for the naked swimmers or well endowed bull. not suitable for work or school use. no sound, boring graphics.

"Needs an at-work rating, not professional at all"

I liked it. It's colorful, the price was right, and it was unique.

HOWEVER, I wish I could remove the nekkid swimmers! I was horrified to come back to my desk to see the screesaver on, and the swimmers clothes off!

"Funny but beaware of one naked swimmer"

Not for office use. Funny but there is one naked male swimmer in the bunch.

Not for office use. Funny but there is one naked male swimmer in the bunch.

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