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  "Bugs" introduction:

Bugs is a screensaver in which a bunch of bugs walk around your screen, eating your windows. Setting options include number of bugs, amount of hunger, and whether or not an image appears when your screen is eaten away.

CNet Review:

This screensaver puts an army of hungry insects on your desktop. With Bugs, you'll see a number of black, beetle-like creatures march across your screen, eating all the open windows, shortcuts, and icons they can find. We should note that to install this program, you must copy an SCR file in your Windows directory. Some users may see this as an inconvenience, but others may appreciate that it dramatically cuts installation time. You can not only decide how many bugs should appear on your screen, but you also can specify how ravenous they are. The ability to change the background color and enable or disable insect collisions rounds out the feature set. Since it doesn't cost a dime and contains no adware, Bugs makes a decent screensaver for any user who isn't squeamish.


If you are a Bug Lover this screen Saver is for You. You must go to the website to get the updated version.

"Good free fun"

Summary: no spyware attached. good variety of settings. will freak you out a little first time the bugs crawl in...


Summary: This is a cute simple screensaver that made me smile. I had no problems with it :) I love it.

"It's cool"

"It's ok, but I like the StickMen screen saver better!"

Summary: This screen saver is ok - but does take a long time to clear the screen, which is what screen savers are for. I guess it's free - but I like the StickMen screen saver better.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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