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  "BrowserBob Professional Edition" introduction:

BrowserBob Professional Edition is the award-winning drag-and-drop authoring solution for standalone rich applications, and can integrate any Web technology. Develop smart clients, eBooks, custom browsers, media players, presentations, screensavers, autoplay CD/DVD apps, portals, virtual clients, and training programs. The application integrates all Web formats (HTML, Flash, audio, video, and docs) to new professional programs in your own design. Combine the best of desktop apps and the online world. Get started quickly with ready-made templates, context help, Drag&Drop objects library, and parameter selection. Add files, interface change on the fly, multiple Web windows on one interface, complex behaviors (action lists), control programs out of HTML via script, make your app react to URLs and page titles, and allow third-party branding. It's the complete solution for professional users, opening a world of smart Web-application creativity.

Version 4.1.3 may include unspecified updates, enhancements or bug fixes.

CNet Review:

This program takes the pain out of creating custom browser-based applications. The installation flies by. The BrowserBob Professional Edition interface seems minimal at first. Once you use the menu bar to start creating a new file and browsing through the detailed help file, though, you begin to understand what the software is all about. Indeed, the ease of working with BrowserBob is what sets it apart. BrowserBob lets you build everything you need for a new program, including background text, links to a read-me file, language configuration, a destination folder, a tabbed browser, or a start-up folder. The program has many samples to help you make an EXE file for any program that could open in a browser. You can create buttons and an interface for your new program. Button settings include location, colors, fonts, and a background sound to play when the button is pressed. This download could benefit anyone developing programs that Internet Explorer can open.


It is very good, the only thing wrong with is that you have to pay for it, but you can get a free version with less features, but this is a really good program, for all users wether they are advanced or not! U can't adjust picture sizes, so you will have to do that manually with your photo software! Apart from that extreamly good! (Mind my spelling!)

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