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  "Bowling Bombshells Screen Saver" introduction:

This free Screen Saver displays images of the nine Cruisin' USA 'Bowling Bombshells' pin-up girls. Features user customizable transition effects, image display time and size. User can also turn off or on the captions displaying the girls' names, change the caption location and font used.

"Cool, Retro and Kitchy Artwork"

Summary: I think the Bowling Bombshells are terrific. Great illustrations.

"Just a commercial !"

Summary: Just a commercial for some of their other products. Not useful.

"Too Cheesy"

Summary: This screen saver feaures pin-up typs from the fifties, and is too lame.

""Uh, ma'm, I don't believe those shoes are exactly regulation...""

Summary: Sheeooot!! Neither are those uniforms! Classy and fun. Kudos to the artist. He ain't no Vargas, but I would put the blame the shortcomings of the computer screen first. Installer 'hiccupped' on first try, reinstalled and it went OK. Lots of options,...

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