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  "Bouncing Shamrocks" introduction:

Green shamrocks bounce up and down, and an American-flag-draped shamrock spins in the middle of them. All of this takes place over a transparent background.

CNet Review:

The best thing we can say about Bouncing Shamrocks is that it's free and doesn't appear to harm your computer in any way. Green shamrocks float up and down on magenta squares that probably aren't intentional. A kilt-clad leprechaun stands in the corner and blinks by the word Irish on another magenta field. Otherwise the background is transparent, allowing you and anyone else to see what's open on your desktop. In order to preview the screensaver, you have to manually open the Display control panel. The screensaver doesn't let go even when you move your mouse around and press keys. To stop the madness, you have to right-click on the My Flash Movie entry in the taskbar and select Close. The Web site plug is relatively unobtrusive. Cats and small children may find the movement and colors in Bouncing Shamrocks interesting.

"Okay screener"

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