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  "Boids Screensaver" introduction:

Boids were originally invented by Craig Reynolds and are quite simply a model of the flocking, herding or schooling behaviors observed with intelligent life forms. You may have noticed this type of life form simulation in movies such as Disney's Lion King. In this movie, the wildebeest stampede incorporated this model to simulate the interaction of animals. This screensaver has been described as schooling fish, or a group of swarming gnats.

"Simple .scr file at last"

Summary: Black background with lights moving about near randomly but yet in harmony with their own. it is defenitely easy on the monitor like a saver should be.

"basic and simple but cool!"

Summary: Looks like a bunch of little bugs are flying around trapped in your monitor.
I was looking for something simple and basic, but with movement.. this fit my needs perfectly.

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