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  "Bleach ScreenSaver" introduction:

This is an animated screensaver of Bleach the famous anime. With randomly animated tree leaves fall on 'Rukia' the famous character. Animation includes smooth falling leaves on different dimensions, eye and hair movement; and a relaxing music from the show.


It has to do with bleach :D

I dont think it's too compatible with windows Vista...


As a huge Bleach fan, I simply LOVE it. The movement was great, the ending theme was perfect. Great job!

"very cool. an awesome screensaver."

"It's ok"

Great for any Bleach Anim lovers

To bland and it juts repeats the same action with one song

"There wsa no picture."

I csn at least say that it was quick to download.

On the other hand, it's useless downloading a blank screensaver.

Summary: If it ever does miraculouly decide to work eventually, then I hope I can write up another coment as I am a big Bleach fan.

Updated on May 6, 2009

Well, I decided to delete it and download it again. This ...

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