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"Beach Paradise Screen Saver" introduction:

Display your own favorite images against a beautifully rendered animated ocean view. You also can specify a directory of sound files (MP3, MIDI, and WAV) to be played in the background.

CNet Review:

At some point probably everyone dreams of reclining on a sparkling white sand beach, where the surf crashes endlessly and an unseen guitarist plays an Italian serenade. Beach Paradise Screen Saver either is the comic or nightmare version of that dream. We haven t decided. Its crude animations include a small and inexplicable fountain splashing at the surfline and star-shaped glimmers that move randomly from sky to earth like so many Tinkerbells. The relaxing MIDI accompaniment is a bit better, though a stuttering guitar disturbed our reverie. A slide-show option lets you insert your own images into the scene in a specified order, randomly, or alphabetically. (Alphabetically?) Previews occasionally refused to stop until we shut them down with Windows Task Manager. Given these shortcomings, the $9.99 registration fee and 10-day trial period are absurd. Beach Paradise Screen Saver may be good for a laugh, but it s no way to evoke your dream vacation.

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