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  "Battles Of Middle Earth Screensaver: Elf Model" introduction:

Learn about the effects used to bring characters and landscapes to life in The Lord of the Rings themed screensaver.

CNet Review:

While everyday users may fault this screensaver for its lack of features, those with more focused interests may not mind its flaws so much. Battles Of Middle Earth Screensaver: Elf Model gives you an inside look at one of the special effects used in the making of the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. True to its name, the application shows you how the designers created the elves seen in the movie. As you watch, you'll see the elf take form before your eyes. First a marching wireframe graphic appears, then texture is added, then animation and color. The informative text blurbs that accompany the action give you greater insight into the technical modeling process. However, since the whole scene takes only a few seconds to render before endlessly repeating, we think many average fans of the fantasy films may quickly grow bored, especially because this screensaver doesn't include a soundtrack. And since this screensaver lacks any sort of customization options, there's no way to mix up the action. But it is totally free, so special-effects enthusiasts and computer animators might find it at least worth checking out.

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