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  "Barack Obama 2008 Screensaver" introduction:

Images and video clips of Barack Obama on the 2008 Presidential Campaign trail. Includes moments from key speaking points at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, 2007 Presidential Announcement in Springfield, and IL.

"Are you serious ?"



"Great little screen saver for fans of the Presidential candidate"

Easy install. Easy uninstall (add/remove programs). Great clips.



Great photos and video clips.

Quality of images could improve a bit.

"I love this. Put together very professionally."

Love it. A major part of history as a screensaver. Works best when you are not very busy working on computer with a program with audio. but you can set how often the screensaver to start.

Only con I have found is, when using computer with the audio, like watching a movie or utube or something, the screen saver will come on with sound that can interrupt what you are listening to. Just change settings before your movie or music.

Summary: Again, I love having a part of history on my computer. I hope you upgrade it to include more of election night and upcoming events with our President Elect Barak Obama and Joe Biden.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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