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  "BabeSave Screensaver Bikini Edition" introduction:

BabeSave is the world's first totally democratic, ever changing screensaver. Lush sexy babes, awesome effects - pure eye candy. The Babes in the collection are determined by your votes in the Babe Elections - you vote for your favorite Babe and each day the winner is automatically downloaded to your computer. You can view election results and make/view comments in real time. Fresh new sexy babes all the time.

"Hot Stuff! Gorgeous babes in bikinis"

Summary: Endless supplies of hot bikini babes. Don't get much work done - too busy checking out the babes. Voting for a favourite is a new twist. Great!

"Top line girls, no scumware"

Summary: It's rare to find a good quality screen saver these days without all the spyware/scumware that the authors normally bundle with it. Babesave actually have a 'no spyware' policy on thier website!

babesave is slick and and the demo vers...

"UNREAL!! every day is like christmas morning"

Summary: Great idea, and you will always know there is a new surprise waiting each morning. Excellent quality, cool effects, Fully recomended!

"Nice girls, interesting effects"

Summary: Hot looking girls and nice effects!

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