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  "Awesome China Landscapes Screen Saver" introduction:

Relax and enjoy beautiful photos of Chinese landscapes and scenery. Every picture in this collection is 800x600 pixels in size. Its features include transition effects, a black-and-white mode, and built-in wallpaper cycling at set intervals of time.

CNet Review:

In spite of its pluses, the demo version of this program offers too few images. As you might guess, this screensaver provides images of China's natural scenery, including shots of a temple high in the mountains and a sunset over a river. Image quality is very good in all cases, and the theme music is certainly appropriate. We also were glad to see a healthy feature set. For instance, you can select from a library of transitions, determine the delay between pictures, and even apply a black-and-white effect. Really, the biggest problem with this screensaver is the demo only lets you view five images, meaning most users will tire of it after a couple of sessions. But if that doesn't bother you, Awesome China Landscapes Screen Saver seems worth considering on most other counts.

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