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  "Autumn Forest - Animated Screensaver" introduction:

Autumn came to this amazing forest that you cannot find on any map in this world. Trees got dressed in new colorful clothing, grass slightly turned yellow and leaves falling from the tress are flying all around.

"NOT at all FREE!"

Absolutely beautiful!

But not in the least bit free!

Summary: Again look up the word in the dictionary, ?free? you?re not using it correctly! You have every right to expect some compensation for your efforts but don?t say it?s free just to get the hook in our mouths, be honest; people will appreciate that much...

"Good color for this time of the year."

Brought a little outdoors indoors.

Had trouble with the download, something didn't flow right. Tried again; same thing.

Summary: Maybe it was my firewall. Try it; if it works well on your computer, you'll be happy!

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