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  "Astrology Glyph Screensaver" introduction:

Each astrology sign from Aries to Pices rotates on a starfield. Option music and sizing. Self-installing.

"it saves time"

dont have to search evertytheres not any

there isnt any

"Basic & Nice"

Summary: Basic design. needs improvement. just spinning signs on a star background. easy to install.

"Good Astrology Screensaver"

Summary: I'm an astrologer and looked for a good astrology screensaver. Each glyph is shown on a star field and rotates. That's about all it does but still nice for anyone into astrology.

"Easy to install. Sign glyphs rotate on star back ground"

Nice Sign Glyphs with star back ground. I'm an astrologer so very appropriate.
Easy to install.

Could use more animation, like Planets, Galaxies, Black Holes, Pulsars etc.

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