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  "Armed Forces Screensaver" introduction:

On your desktop: Armed Forces on land, in air, and on water. Amongst images such as soldiers, tank, heavy artillery, and jets in flight (F15,F18,E3Awacs, Blue Angels ). The screensaver includes 40 amazing images.

CNet Review:

The U.S. military can inspire great pride, along with debate. This screensaver might do either, displaying about 40 images of U.S. soldiers, guns, tanks, and battleships. We found the image quality to be somewhat marred by overcompression, however. Users can set how often images are changed, switch their order, and select from a range of quite pleasing transition effects. Any picture can be placed on the desktop as a background image, and the program can automatically switch which image is displayed every hour. No soundtrack is provided, and the trial version displays only a few images. Weapons enthusiasts, veterans, and other computer users close to the military may well find this an appealing download.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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