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"Aquarium Screensaver" introduction:

Variety of amazing live fishes (including angelfish, tiger, zebra, tetra, guppy) swim in the underwater aquarium. The screensaver includes two scenes and is based on a Flash animation. You can control the sound and the flash options.

CNet Review:

Though not as striking as many of the aquarium-themed screensavers on the scene, this freebie seems like a satisfactory addition to your collection. Aquarium Screensaver is quite colorful, but the background scenery displays some artifacts and the fish don't look particularly real. Conversely, the bubbling sound effects sound as if they came straight out of a fish tank. The application does provide a few very basic customization options, such as the ability to show the action in random or sequential order, resize the actual screensaver, and change the background color. However, you can't decide which fish appear, nor can you change the scenery by adding or removing elements. Still, since it takes a minimal toll on both system resources and finances, lovers of marine life should probably at least spend a few moments with Aquarium Screensaver.

"5 stars: I can't recommend this product highly enough!!!"

I've used a program called irfanview to create static type screensavers.

"Not Bad...."

Easy install and not full of adware & spyware. It has good graphics and fairly good animation.

It doesn't have much in line of movement and the screne doesn't change. Just a bunch of tropical fish swimming around. But it's free. You can't ask for alot.

"pretty good"

Bubbles sound great. Fish are very good.

There are close ups behind the fish that don't look real....would have preferred some distance in the background.

"Really nice and colorful"

This is very colorful. The water moves just so slightly and makes the anomone(sp?) appear to be moving and the sound is good. Easy to use.

None so far.

"Not great, but better than some."

Colorful, two backgrounds, bubbling sound.

Four kinds of fish shown (angelfish, zebra danios, guppies, tiger barbs) are all fresh-water, but background is marine (salt water). Unrealistic movement of fish.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet

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