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  "Aqua Real" introduction:

Aqua Real is the first 3D aquarium utilizing the most advanced technologies in 3DVR and biomechanics. Guaranteed to bring you the most beautiful creatures in the aquatic world. You will be able to play with these lovely aqua creatures, touch them, tickle them, feed them and even watch them swim elegantly in the most dazzling 3D aquarium.

CNet Review:

At first glance, it's not obvious what separates this screensaver from the variety of others that temporarily turn computers into digital aquariums. Graphics and sound are good, but not eyebrow-raising. Spend a few moments with the program and the differences quickly become obvious, however.

There is a level of interactivity here that few rivals offer: the fish can be touched, prompting the animals to shy away and try to avoid contact. The animals can be fed, enticing them back. The program is highly customizable, allowing users to choose fish species and set quantities, sounds, colors, and a number of other parameters. If you're a fish lover, but have become bored with run-of-the-mill aquarium screensavers, this program may spark your interest anew.

"Live aquarium with lots of fish... for the trial version!"

Summary: This is a great screensaver! This is absolutely better than the Marine Aquarium screensaver, which contains annoying pop-ups, telling you to purchase their product. This one's different. It contains neither malwares nor pop-ups. What's better is the...




Very nice saver,the best one I've seen in looong time...Easy to setup and cool fishes...


I've tried few of the porpular product, this one is good if u dont want to spend money on something new for your screensaver.safe product, no spyware,no ad-ware.and best of all,no irritating pop out.as in my summary, REAL.u'll nitice that when u feed the fish.in reality,thats what happen,once u put food into the tank, all the fish will swim towards the food.and thats what happen in this product.another thing, u can even set it as desktop.maybe by getting it register, it will be even better.considering....

demo version, limited type of fish and number of fish.but as for trial,5 fishes is better than 3.it will be better if the coral move.some part of the coral should be moving.over all, BEST and worth the trail.

"best i have seen"

Summary: i am only using demo for now,but i will be buying the program.i enjoy teasing and i have shown friends and they eill be getting as well..

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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