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  "Aqua Collection Screensaver" introduction:

Aqua Collection Screensaver is a stylish slide show of digital artwork created by Rob David Randtoul with more than 20 images and 60 transitions. The program is designed to compliment the Windows XP theme and the Aqua Collection of desktop wallpaper.

CNet Review:

Despite its lack of user-customization options, Aqua Collection Screensaver still represents a quality pick for decorating your desktop. As you might guess, the screensaver displays a number of water-related images, from crashing waves to underwater bubbles. We appreciated this screensaver's excellent design; all graphics looked top-notch to us. Also, though the program does have built-in transition effects, you can't choose your own. Aqua Collection Screensaver lets you mute the sound, but even when we left the box unchecked, we didn't hear any audio. We hope the publisher gets around to fixing this bug. You can select which action will trigger the screensaver to stop, but that's about the only configuration choice you're given. Still, since the program's totally free and doesn't make you stomach adware the way many screensavers do, it won't hurt to add it to your PC.

"The best I can say?"

Summary: The best I can say about this screensaver is that it is free, and no adware/spyware.
It downloaded and installed easily enough, but I get 2 pictures, and then a black screen. I waited and waited for another picture, but it stayed black. I did,...

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