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  "AquaWorld Screen Saver" introduction:

Enjoy the sights and sounds of an undersea world, complete with numerous types of fish, dolphins, turtles, seashells as well as bubbles and corals. Watch the teeming marine life set against a beautiful scene of the deep sea, amidst tranquil, relaxing sounds of the ocean.


NONE!!! Taking it off my computer!!

Putting it on your computer in the first place!!! This thing was awefull!!!

"Most unrealistic aquarium screensaver out there."

Nothing to like. Every other aquarium screensaver out there is better than this.

Ridiculous, cartoon-ish, disproportionate-sized "marine creatures" moving in random directions against static background.


I cracked up a bit at how unrealistic and lame it was

It's not realistic or pretty enough to be a screensaver.

Don't bother downloading it. It looks like a child made it.

"very little realism at all"

everthing but the background is unrealistic

just the background

"Quite lovely"

Summary: This is a very nice free screensaver. The animation is very pleasing to the eye. It works great on my Windows XP, and was totally easy to install.
It's free, so don't expect the fish to always swin like they should. But, I like it, and you sho...

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