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  "AquaSupreme Aquarium Screensaver" introduction:

Amaze everyone who walks by your computer with this beautiful ocean-like aquarium screensaver. Realistic and colorful 3D tropical fish swim across your screen along with dolphins, sharks and sea turtles. Real-time configuration meaning you can set the plants and artifacts exactly where you want them with drag and drop precision. No other aquarium is this customizable! Choose from 29 different water backgrounds included in the setup or create your own. Listen to your MP3 files while the screensaver is active. The fish and other creatures are 3D renderings adding more realistic movement than our other versions.

"Horrable Graphics! Don't Down Load!"

Summary: Quality is bad. If you are going to make a Aquarium screen saver please make it look real! Isn't that the point.

"Graphics like a 3rd grade science project"

Summary: wow, this is the worst looking screen saver I've ever seen. a fish swims by with 'buy me' written on his side, comical considering the graphics make my atari look top-rate

"do you realy expect to sell this ? ja ja ja ja"

Summary: hey this is the worst i would rather the screensaver from win xp

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